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Our head office is located in the centre of the capital city of New Delhi, which gives it the advantage of reaping the best in terms of technology and development.

Our factory is located in the industrial town of Noida (part of the National Capital Region of Delhi), thus enabling us to offer competitive rates while ensuring that quality is not compromised. We employ over a 100 people all of whom work on the same premises. The monthly capacity of the factory is approximately 10,000 pieces.

We are committed to managing health, safety and environmental (HS&E) matters as an integral part of our business. In particular, we are committed to providing a quality service in a manner that assures the HS&E integrity of our processes and minimizes our potential impact on the environment. We have also adopted global policies against child labor and work-place harassment, and actively promote equal employment opportunity for all and on an at-will basis. Our unit is fully compliant with national laws and our premises and policies are open for inspection at any time.

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